Formula 1 Errors Baku Sim Racing

Formula 1 hosts the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on the streets of Baku this weekend. What kind of errors could we see from a sim racing point of view.

In this Formula 1 sim racing video, we see the common errors made by racing the streets of Baku. Will this be something we see in the real F1 race? In this video brought to you by F1Fun4u Gaming, we see how things could turn out if it all goes wrong in the F1 2020 game. Note, in this video, it is from the perspective of a single car and not wheel to wheel battling.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix - F1 Race - Baku City Circuit | Formula 1®

Facts about Baku City Circuit

A mixture of wide and open and tight and twisty. The long main straight along the Baku shoreline is a slipstreaming mecca, and with cars able to run three abreast into Turn 1, the action often looks more IndyCar than F1. However from there, the track loops around into the city’s narrow, winding Icheri Sheher old town, dramatically wending past Baku’s medieval city walls. As in Monaco, the slightest mistakes are punished quickly and severely, while set-up-wise, the teams are forced to choose between downforce for the twisty bits and less drag for the straight.

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