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Sim Racing To Formula E The Future Stars

Sim racing is the future, we are seeing countless sim racers burst onto the real world motorsport scene. Here we see sim racers take on real Formula E cars.

Many sim racers drive for the passion and fun of racing. Meeting up with groups of friends to chill or have a blast, sim racing is accessible and non intrusive to the masses. However, there is that side to it that brings out the best in people to be extremely competitive and relentless in the pursuit of greater things. That side is known as esports where the best compete against each other.

With competitive esports comes that edge to be the best and gain recognition from real-world motorsport series, and that dream to become a real world racing driver. in this video from ABB Formula E we see Professional sim racers Kevin Siggy and Frede Rasmussen win the chance to get behind the wheel of the real Formula E car.

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Just like a driving licence for the road – Formula E drivers must qualify to participate. In order to enter the FIA Formula E Championship, drivers must comply with the following:

  • Drivers must conduct a specific FIA training session focussing on electrical safety, specific features of the fully-electric Formula E car, as well as reviewing both technical and sporting aspects of the series.
  • Drivers must have accumulated at least 20 points in the past three years, in conjunction with the FIA points system – used to qualify for a Super Licence. Or, to have previously been holding a Super Licence, or to have participated in at least three events of the previous FIA Formula E Championship.
  • The champion from the previous season automatically qualifies for a Super Licence the following year.

If these points aren’t met – a driver judged by the FIA to have consistently demonstrated outstanding ability in single-seater categories, but with little or no opportunity to qualify, can still participate.

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