Go Hard Or Go Home In Sim Racing

Simply put, go hard or go home in sim racing. If you do not try your best to achieve your own goals or improve then ask yourself why are you bothering.

These words for sim racing may seem harsh to digest, but take a moment to think about it. Why do you race, why do you compete against others. The reason for this is because you want to achieve, you want to be better and make a point of who you are as a racer. If you just want to turn up to a race, settle for being at the back of the grid in competitive racing then ask yourself this…….” why bother turning up”?

Sim racing (it’s in the title….racing) is competitive, your first goal is to better yourself and smash your own goals, be faster, be smarter, be patient it will all come into play with discipline and patience. Like a wolf to the prey, it will come to you once you master it. It does not stop there, the hunger to be better and faster, smarter and organized is a never ending road. But this road is a journey, a journey of your progression.

In this fantastic video from Race Beyond Matter he drops the hammer of reality on sim racing and how to improve everything about yourself as a racer. Literally, pay attention to everything in this video….or go home.

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