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Most expensive Sim Rigs…….. In The World

So money is all you have and bags of it, feel the need to spend spend spend on a sim rig? Here we see the most expensive sim rigs.

Feel the need to upgrade from a controller? (thats a joke) Or want the greatest and most expensive sim rigs? Feel the need to spend so much money to show off to your friends and rivals? Well, you have come to the right place as Ideal Cars goes through the hotlist.

Featuring the most lavish and expensive simulation motion rigs on the market, we see six figure price tag rigs. With 6DOF rigs on display that’ll make you sick, these are the wildest motion simulators on the market today.

Eight360 Nova


The ball is completely isolated, with its own battery system and VR computer, and is driven by Omniwheels in the base

Notes from Eight360 Nova( By far the most extreme gaming and simulation platform we’ve seen, the Nova places you in a fully untethered ball that’s free to spin in any direction, creating all sorts of wild gravity effects for total immersion in a range of different vehicle types.

It’s the work of New Zealand startup Eight360, which has risen from true garage status to produce what Founder/CEO Terry Miller calls, “the crazy spinning ball of death.” Terry spoke to us from a birthing center in Wellington just one day after the birth of his first child. “She came before the midwife even turned up,” he told me, “so we had an accidental home birth on the bathroom floor. Surprisingly quick, just fell out.”

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