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Assetto Corsa Formula 1 Monaco Record Attempt

Formula 1 and Monaco are synonymous with the rich and famous. The premier class racing visits the jewel of the F1 calendar, here in Assetto Corsa we see a record attempt.

One of the great things about sim racing is the replication of real world motorsport. To be able to race some of your favourite cars in the virtual world can be very enjoyable. As we know Formula 1 is a very popular motorsport that attracts many to sim racing. Blend that with Assetto Corsa and Monaco, aim for a lap record in an F1 car and we have some great content.

However, this is not a brief modern day car and that’s that, AJM Racing decides to try out different Formula 1 cars through the ages before using the modern day era of car.

The roar of F1 engines fills the streets of Monaco

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Graham Hill on his views of the Monaco GP

It takes a lot of planning, a lot of strategy, to actually pass somebody; it just doesn’t occur in a flash if the bloke’s going at roughly the same speed as yourself. You don’t simply say to yourself, ‘Right, I’ll pass him now’; you must build-up for it. You probe and you feel; all the time that you are racing against him you are working out where you are going to pass him, where is going to be the best place to pass, where he is a little bit quicker than you and where you are a little bit quicker than he.

GRAHAM HILL: DRIVEN - My Life at Speed

All these things have to be weighed up and you’ve just got to time it right. It takes a lot of working out – unless the fellow makes a mistake; then, of course, you want to be in the right spot when he makes the mistake. If you pressure somebody hard enough he might make a mistake, but then you have still got to be on his tail and in control to take advantage of it. And this is not always possible.

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