New Sim Racing Desk Great Budget Builds

Looking at having a new sim racing desk to cater to your needs. Is space restricted for a rig? Or need something to cover for a working layout too? Well, your solution has been found.

So you are a gamer that plays shooters, RPG’s and work’s a lot at your pc station but want to get into sim racing. You do not have space for a rig or stand to keep moving, how can you get this sorted? Well, the ARCDesk mini from Willow Gear is the solution that covers all of your requirements. Sim Racing Corner gets to grips with this desk and discusses the high, lows and if it is right for you.

To find out more details visit: Planning, production and sales of gaming desks and other gaming peripherals ( ARCdesk Mini AD-Type-002 Gaming Desk, Width 47.2 inches (120 cm): Computers & Peripherals

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