Women in Sim Racing Weekly Blog #11 Team R8G!


Yvonne Van Den Berg has featured regularly here at simrace247.com with her weekly blogs. Not only is she a relentless racer that never gives up, but also one of the pioneers for women in sim racing.

To us at simrace247.com it has been a real pleasure to have Yvonne with us not only as a friend but a breath of fresh air from the norm. We have seen many (10) weekly blogs from her here and the time has finally come where the mic drops. Exciting times not only for her but also for what she represents in the community. Women in sim racing continues with blog #11.

Weekly blog #11 12-05-2021


GTWR is very happy to announce the collaboration with R8G eSports, one of the most important worldwide teams, for the creation of the GTWR R8G Academy which has the main focus on ACC & AC. We’re sure that by putting together our strength we will obtain important results in the biggest championships in the world. We can’t wait to start this new journey together. It’s time to race! I’m looking forward to the collaboration! It’s a great opportunity to grow and can’t wait to see what is coming in the future!

Romain Grosjean: “R8G eSports has celebrated its first year in sim racing a few weeks ago, and we are still eager to develop on every platform. And of course, we aim to carry on performing and winning wherever we race! So, we are very happy to announce our collaboration with GTWR on Assetto Corsa. Assetto is growing, with many competitions already on the menu and so more coming in in the future. That’s one of the places to be. It’s a pleasure to start working with GTWR around the launch of GTWR R8G Academy. GTWR is one of the benchmarks on Assetto, and I can’t wait to see our armada on track both on the SRO championships and the Sim Grid. ”

Thanks to our sponsors

RCI Diamond Drive Cup

I was really looking forward to de Diamond Drive Cup at Misano! I knew I’m good and also the Boat (Bentley) is very good at Misano! I drove the Pole Position for the first time in the DDC!! Unfortunately in the fifth lap of the race, my game crashed. I could come back in the server, a chance for a good result was away. I drove the race with 3 laps down, still got the fastest lap, which means an extra point and also for the pole I took an extra point. Lucky there is one drop off round, hopefully, this was the only bad thing that could happen and I still have a chance to win the championship.
The next race is 19-5-2021 at Suzuka. I don’t know how the Bentley drives at Suzuka. I know the track very good and start practicing tonight for the race! I will give it all and hopefully, I can get a good result!

Upcoming races:

⦁ 15-05-2021: RCI One off event [email protected] Paul Ricard
Together with Sophie Aeronwen and Sarah Johnson

⦁ 16-05-2021 : 2h team practice race @ Nürburgring
Together with Alethea Boucq and Sarah Johnson

As a preparation for the 12h @ Nurburgring 22-05-2021
⦁ 19-05-2021: RCI Diamond Drive Cup Round 3 @ Suzuka
⦁ 20-05-2021: The Sim Grid Sprint Cup Round 6 @ Suzuka
⦁ 22-05-2021 : 12h race against dementia @ Nürburgring

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