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How to overtake properly in sim racing

Do you know how to overtake properly in sim racing? Most will say just past them and make your move or send it. Well overtaking like all aspects requires a certain frame of mind.

So you are faster than the car in front of you, the next corner you are going to chuck it up the inside. This is a gamble, “why” I hear you ask…”I’m faster therefore I have a right to overtake”… Here we have all the great reasons why you must be patient in sim racing from Driver61 Sim Racing. Driver61’s Head Racing Coach Scott Mansell goes into the discipline of sim racing and overtaking.

This informative video gives a lot of great detail on how to make your moves at the right time as well as maintaining focus. If you do not recognize the points of view from Scott then good luck out there on the track. But I would listen to all of these great points and put them to practice.

Like all things in racing, timing and patience is everything to succeed
Yes, F1 cars are difficult to overtake... And that's the point.

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