IRG Formula 2021 Catalunya Race Event 09/05/21


The IRG Formula 2021 season continues with round 4 at Catalunya. IRG World hosts some of the greatest racing in rFactor 2 with well organised events.

Catalunya is one of those circuits you either love or loathe, its technical layout challenges drivers to push to the edge to get the most from their race cars. IRG World continues to produce top class racing in rFactor 2 with their 2021 IRG Advanced Formula. With the race taking part on the same day as the Formula 1 event at Catalunya 09/05/21. Luckily for the fans, the times are different when the events are live.

IRG World as usual like to give a pre race build up to the event with the following:

It’s time for a classic of the formula genre, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya will be the arena for the 4th round of the fastest sim racing series – IRG Advance Formula 2021.

Located in Montmeló (near Barcelona), the facility is exactly 4,655 meters long and consists of 16 curves (2020 version). The most convenient places to overtake are the two long straight lines: over a kilometer long Start / Meta straight and the straight behind turn No. 9 (the right fast turn in S2). In both cases, it is important to have a good exit and maximum speed so that in DRS zones you can effectively attack your opponent or defend your own track position.

The Spanish circuit near Barcelona is seen as one of the most technical facilities, where sophisticated aerodynamics usually take precedence over pure engine power, and the engineers’ strenuous work on the perfect balance of the cars usually lasts until late at night. The distinctive loop layout does not create many opportunities for effective overtaking maneuvers, forcing a more defensive driving style.

However, you can expect a different approach to racing strategies, depending on the skills and preferences of the riders. The shortage of straight lines does not mean that we are doomed to a boring spectacle in advance – we can certainly expect fierce competition in other parts of the track and on other important levels of racing craftsmanship, such as tire selection or pit-stop strategy.

The season has been producing great races, the 2021 calendar

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