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Mr Watton Weekly Blog #5 28/4/21

Mr Watton returns to the community after computer issues, blue screens, and the need to get back into the driving seat for more racing.

Here in blog number #5, we catch up with how it all went.

Hey everyone and welcome to another Mr Watton blog on

Well as always it’s been busy here at Mr Watton Towers. From failed windows updates, intense weather races, and some SRS race series finals coming to a close, it’s been a tad hectic.
Let me start off with a failed windows update, this would be the first time that I’ve ever had an issue. You see so many scare stories of broken updates bricking computers, or ruining your favourite games, I’ve always felt like I’ve been the lucky chosen one to avoid such disasters.

But oh no, this time it got me big time. It was an update that was meant to improve the system but was mandatory but I started getting errors when trying to load Assetto Corsa Competizione, then another game, then another, then odd flashes of the screen until boom, the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). Without going into all the details, including where the update wouldn’t uninstall) I ended up having to lose everything from my boot drive.

Queue thoughts of I hope all my game saves were backed up, and luckily for me they were (1000s of hours of Euro Truck Simulator scared me the most) but no, were ok. So, to cap off the windows story, the boot drive was cleared, new versions of windows built, and we are back up and running. Looking back now, it could have gone a whole lot worse, so, SIMON SAYS back up your fav games, images, and files, you don’t want to lose them!

So racing. Because of the issues not many races were held this time. I have managed to get my first ever night-time race at Silverstone in the GT3 Aston Martin (watch HERE ) which was surprisingly consistent! I really enjoyed that one, I then had my first ever wet-soaking-flooded brands hatch in the Aston again, and that was not my best performance. Whether that be my bad luck or just lack of practice because of my computer issues, I’m not quite sure but I didn’t quit and I pushed on. Race two was a nightmare after throwing my back end out on Paddock Hill bend which smashed the front of my car rendering me out, I am so determined to do more wet races and push where I can. When I put my mind to it I’m pretty consistent, but just need to match my qualifying pace and stitch the laps up to become competitive. Should be easy, right? You can watch the wet mayhem racing HERE on my YouTube Channel.

GT3s at Silverstone with Sim Racing System and this was the finals, Round 6. We have stayed consistent throughout this series by staying faithful to the Racing Green Aston Martin GT3. I’ve learnt so much from this car over the last 6 weeks and I wanted to give it one happy farewell until the next time where I choose a new car. But wow what a strong grid this time around where qualifying my heart out I managed to get 8th place, 1.2 seconds off Random Callsigns 1st place with 1:58.710. We all know how fast Mr Claro is so my focus was to aim mid pack and as the race progressed this is how it unfolded. Some awesome races against the Porsches which they spectacularly wiped themselves out, but after I myself had 2 unfortunate spins I finished 8th, right where I started! We finished the season in 6th place, however, right behind 5th place Michael Martin. Well done to Random Callsign for finishing the season in a well earned 1st place.
GT4 racing ended with drama too, there’s always drama with GT4s. It was the last race of the Sim Racing Season and we finished 5TH! We drove hard after a humongous crash on T2 at Eau Rouge, then pushing in 3rd place I then noticed the tyre pressures were well out of scope. After getting hounded by the Porsches, I then added to the mayhem by going off track 4 times thus giving me a final penalty on the last lap. Now I’m unclear here whether I should have pitted before finishing the race, or just finish the race and take the penalty, regardless I got the 80 second penalty anyway. Argh! Answers on a postcard please. If you want to watch that race unfold then you can view that HERE. But yeah, 5th place overall cant be bad after an incredible GT4 season.

So what is ahead for me? More races of course including new Endurance racing with Team Kinematic, but also some “race driver coaching” which is mega exciting! Of course, a video will be coming out very soon with how I get on, and see where I’m losing those precious seconds…
Until next time, be nice to one another, and stay safe.

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