Quadriplegic Learns To Drive In Sim Racing

Some stories just need to be shouted about and here is one of them. Josh is a Quadriplegic that learns how to drive in sim racing.

I Darren from simrace247.com believe that sim racing is for everyone, it is something I stand by and the foundations of what we represent here. Many stories are covered, but some are very special. Here Josh’s Life With A SCI learns how to drive in sim racing. Josh suffered a spinal cord injury in 2014 leaving him paralyzed as a quadriplegic but now wants to learn how to drive. If you think he takes the approach with a simple or easy track…think again. Watch as he laps the Nürburgring in a Honda Civic Type R!!

Through the power of sim racing, he can do just that. Share this article everywhere on your social media and follow this amazing journey.