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What type of sim racer are you?

Only one man can decipher the different types of sim racer people out there, which type are you. Does any of these categories apply to you?

Yes GamerMuscle brings the stereotypical types of sim racers there is out in the community, all powered by the thought of Tea and the odd biscuit. Meanwhile, after getting your head around that concept, he goes into five different types of sim racers. Breaking the types down with examples that apply to each category, are you one of these types of sim racers featured or are you on a whole new level that has not been mentioned?



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Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

Darren became a member of Simrace247 in January 2021 and has been a valuable addition to the platform ever since. He began his journey as an Editor and has progressed to the position of Editor in Chief, owing to his unwavering commitment and hard work. With his profound interest in motorsport and gaming, Darren is passionate about sharing news and exceptional content with like-minded people worldwide.View Author posts