Sim Racing community all stars event

Sim Racing community all stars event

Featuring a sim racing community all stars event in Wreckfest, tune in to support a crazy and fun event.

Featuring a whole host of sim racing community creators and racers such as Jimmy Broadbent, Laurence Dusoswa, Chris Haye, Jardier, Gamermuscle, Emily Jones and more.

Tune in and support these great people in the community starting Friday 09/04/21 at 19:00 UK time

I will add if you are up for a great laugh with top content check out Laurence Dusoswa. An up and coming great streamer, content creator and racer in the community.

be sure to tune in and check out your favorite creators and racers, or even come across some new people for you to check out. Sim racing is a very diverse place with many different types of people all with their own unique characters, quirks and personalities and more. getting together for a fun and enjoyable event whilst being streamed from multiple creators and streamers will be well worth checking out. Is your favorite streamer in this list, or shall you be viewing someone new?

Drop by and support the community with viewing and subscribing.

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