Women in Sim racing Yvonne Van Den Berg Blog #5


Women in Sim racing Continues with our Yvonne Van Den Berg weekly blogs. This week in blog #5 we catch up with her racing events.

Women in Sim racing Continues with our Yvonne Van Den Berg weekly blogs.

Welcome to my new weekly blog, Weekly blog #5 31-03-2021

It was a busy sim racing week, lot’s of races but also a lot of fun. In five days, I drove four races.

A little summary of the races

Started on Wednesday 24-03-2021, with the RCI Diamond Drive Cup. After a difficult start where I got hit and had 11sec damage, I drove on the back of the field. I decided to do my mandatory pitstop earlier than planned to repair the damage and see where I end up in the race. My pace was fine after the pitstop and ended up place 13. It was a good result, didn’t expect to make this comeback in the race.

On Thursday 25-03-2021 I drove The Sim Grid Sprint Cup with Alethea Boucq for GTWR Female Racing. She got hit in the first corner and drove further with a good pace despite she drove with 22sec damage. After the mandatory pitstop, I drove back to place 20. Alethea did a great job to keep going with the damage, otherwise, we lost a lot of time in the pits.

On Saturday 27-03-2021 I drove the Enduro Discovery Series with Stephane and Tomek. It was the last race from this series, 8h at Spa-Francorchamps. We drove the series with the Ferrari. We had a dry setup and in de middle of the race, there was rain. It was very tricky but I drove a three hours stint in the rain, with fuel saving so I could do only one splash and dash. We ended up place 17 and at place 5 in our class.
I enjoyed it a lot to drive with them and to learn some experience in endurance racing.
On Sunday 28-03-2021 I drove the SOP Motosport 2h at Zolder. I drove alone with no mandatory pitstop, I was very happy with my consistent driving and I ended up place four!

My week

Last week was very busy. We moved stuff in the house so my husband sits with his rig in the living room and I sit in the PC room. This is better for the background noise on my stream.
I tried to build a wardrobe today, that didn’t go well with my back and legs. He can finish it tomorrow, after that this room is finished! I will post a picture of the results next week.
I practised a lot for all the races. Lucky this week I only have one race and can take a little bit of a break after.

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