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Best screen size for triple monitor in sim racing

Some people in sim racing enjoy triple monitor setups on their sim rigs. But what is the best screen size to give that great immersion?

Will from Boosted Media Clips gives us a quick fire talk through about the ideal and best screen size for triples in sim racing. Discussing the “best bang for your buck” and what is the sweet spot for immersion and much more. Will having triples himself through the years can give some great advice to the community on how to plan a build or if you are looking to upgrade.

A lot of people in the community adore triple monitors for sim racing and flight simulators, that said the argument for VR is for another day. First and foremost you must make sure you have the space for triples, a very good rig or stand for the support and then the raw horsepower from your graphics card to produce an image and motion on all of the screens.

Also, taking into account what kind of resolution you will be running the screens at and framerate. As you can see there is a lot involved in sim racing and gaming in general, things take up space and consume graphical power. As great as a triple screen monitors setup are, many things must be taken into account before making the decision. Actually coming to the foreground of tech screens etc, i wonder how a projector would wo


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