iRacing Sebring 12H: Team SIMRACE247 win third split

Team SIMRACE247 won the third split of the 2021 Sebring 12 Hours on iRacing, with Troy Dolinschek, John-Henri Vaughan and Vladislav Zenkov sharing the cockpit for a second Special Event victory for the team this year.

Dolinschek signaled the iRacing team’s intent by claiming pole with an impressive 1:45.215 lap time, a tenth and a bit better than next best. Thereafter he started the race for the team and kept the Dallara P217 in the lead for two stints before he handed over to Vaughan.

Soon it became apparent that rival teams, particularly early challengers KROM eSports, were on a more conservative fuel map and finding several extra laps in their stints. SIMRACE247 decided to counter the strategy by doing what they do best: Full Send!

Vaughan enjoyed a strong stint which kept the car at the sharp end, if not leading well in touch with the leaders. Next up was Zenkov who had rushed from Uni to make the race.

Early in his stint, his PC started lagging thanks to an FPS hit that forced the team to short stint him so as to sort out the issue. He returned to deliver a super second spell in the car.

SIMRACE247 ONE was quickest when it mattered throughout the race, incidents were kept to a minimum with extra pace tapped into when needed by the drivers.

Eventually, the race came to the team when KROM eSports made a mistake and crashed on the pit straight. This cost them two laps which they never recovered from and had to settle for third, behind CornHub Racing who finished second.

Stats show there were 39 lead changes during the 386 lap race, victory scored with an average lap time of 1:50.281 lap average by the trio of drivers including pitstops. Dolinschek crowned a superb performance by also claiming the fastest lap of the race.

Notably, with only 18 incidents during the 12 hours, SIMRACE247 drivers were easily the safest and among the fastest Dallara LMP2 drivers on the server.

Hence Dolinschek, Zenkov and Vaughan claimed Team SIMRACE247’s second victory in an iRacing Special Event, this time virtual version of the virtual 2021 Sebring 12 Hours adding to last months’ virtual Bathurst 12-Hour victory for the team.

Team Principal, Paul Velasco: “A great team effort by Troy, John-Henri and Vlad. The pace was always there as was the consistency, both essential elements were well managed by the trio.

Team Director Darren Buckner commented on “how the team has adapted to bring us to this unique and well-deserved situation, they have what it takes to move forward”

Paul Velasco goes on to mention “Cool, calm and ultra-fast Troy was stellar as he always is when the chips are down; John-Henri upped his game for this one and the result showed impressive consistency and very strong pace; Vlad, who developed a solid race-winning setup for the car, went beyond the call of duty to make the race and then delivered what he is best at on track.”

“Very happy with this result, as it is another important victory in our ongoing quest to get our team and drivers into the top splits of iRacing. This was another significant step in that direction.”

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