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Classic IndyCar: Vortex SimRacing favourites for 2021

Classic IndyCar: Vortex SimRacing favourites for 2021

Ahead of the seventh edition of the Classic Indycar Series, Vortex SimRacing have released their 2021 driver line-up and aspirations with the reigning champion out to do it again this season on iRacing.

Their drivers for this campaign are:

  • #1 Lucas Laville
  • #2 Robert Grosser
  • #05 Jan Hoffman
  • #6 Philippe Lambert
  • #16 Denis Garèse
  • #25 Marshall Stanley

Vortex was created in 2012 and used to be active in a lot of different league and series at all levels on iRacing. From the iRacing Grand Prix Series World Championship, the iRacing GT World Championship, the NEO Endurance Series, ISOWC, CIS, as well as the GT3, F1 or IndyCar official series, Vortex was a very active team at all levels and all disciplines of simracing.

After a period with less activity, the team is back on strong form with participants in the Endurance Series and Special Events, as well as other IndyCar leagues, and sports car official series. CIS is still the main series for the team nowadays, with 6 drivers registered so far, and 2 more having raced last year.

In 2021 for CIS, the team is once again targeting both the drivers and teams championship. Lucas Laville, Robert Grosser and new team recruit Marshall Stanley are expected to be near the front nearly all races. Another big goal is the CIS Indianapolis 500, where the team locked the podium the last two editions.

League owner Robert Grosser will be taking a step back from admin and driving duties this year, but the team will stay very strong, and will still benefit from his wisdom and experience for race preparation or strategy whenever he can not race.

When he can join the field, the team will be reinforced on the track by the presence of the very consistent 3-time series champion.

Team principal Denis Garese is scheduled to come back to simracing with CIS after a very long hiatus. It may take a long time for him to get his form back, but when he does, he will absolutely be a force to be reckoned with.


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