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Simplace Equipment and so much more

If sim racing is your thing or other simulators such as flight, simplace is a great company based in the Netherlands that you should check out. offers a great variety of equipment

Ferrari 488 GTE Elite Steering Wheel - simplace

With such a vast array of sim racing equipment turning mainstream in popularity, simplace offers a wide variety for the enthusiast to the hardcore sim fan. Not only do we see equipment for sim racing, flight sim but pretty much everything you would associate for sim equipment. Competitive prices, build quality, after sales care, and prompt delivery.


Whether you are buying race simulation or flight simulation – if it exists in the world, it for sure is for sale on Simplace. Our mission is to become the biggest game simulation marketplace in the world. We give sellers the platform, solutions, and support they need to grow their businesses.

We measure our success by our customer’s success.

We empower people and create economic opportunities.
We focus on partnering with our sellers, not competing with them. We are building stronger connections between buyers and sellers with product experiences that are fast, mobile, and secure.
To check out this great and supportive company visit: sim racing equipment


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