Introducing Sim-Racing Superstore all pay-mods under one roof


With sim racing booming in these times, it becomes apparent that there are so many sources for mods beyond the incomparable and essential Race Department resource.

With everything going on at the moment with modding and creators in the community, in brief the 604 situation. It is time to fight back and support the real creators and people of this great sim racing community. THE SIM RACING EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.

Many very good mods are available off the RD radar, namely paid for DLC scattered across the web for rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa and Autmobilista making it hard to track or even be aware of these projects.

But now there is a very useful solution provided by, sim racing guru and all-round great guy, Steve Worrell which aims to catalogue every paid mod ‘under one roof’ at the Sim-Racing Superstore here>>>

In his spare time and when needing to “chill and relax”, Steve has built a very useful resource for the sim racing community; this is what he says of his labour of love project.

“I am making it my mission to give back to the modding community which has given me so much joy over the years. Sim-Racing Superstore is a pet project of mine designed to give sim-racers a few resources to make finding content for their favourite sims easier. It is also a platform for modders to trade their digital assets with the world.

“I firmly believe that the work that goes into creating mods for sim-racing titles should be rewarded. I know, not everyone agrees with me, and that’s ok, but if you put the hours into a creative project you should be able to benefit from your hard work.

“Studios like Race Sim Studio and VRC make such high-quality content I would feel guilty not parting with a couple of quid for their efforts.”

So there you have another essential sim racing bookmark for your collection!