Classic Indycar Series: Bigger, better with Racespot.TV and ESTV


As the opening round of the 2021 Classic Indycar Series (CIS) fast approaches, some exciting announcements have been made ahead of the seventh edition of the iRacing based series.

The series will continue to enjoy top-level live streaming of all the Championship rounds by Racespot.TV and ESTV whose services are the benchmark of the virtual racing broadcasting sector.

The full force of their services will be seen during the course of the season aimed to further expose and promote (CIS) to a broader audience with the additional SIMRACE247 media network  as an additional asset to maximise the series footprint.

Robert Grosser: (CIS) “I am very excited to be able to put together the broadcasting deal for 2021! First of all, we will go into our 7th year of partnering with Racespot TV for our LIVE coverage. Back in 2015, it was no question to go with Racespot as we wanted to work with the best in business. From 2018 onwards we had every single race broadcasted by Racespot and the 2021 season opener at Phillip Island will be our 60th race with Racespot.”

“Jorge Anzaldo, founder of the Lionheart Racing Series, was establishing contact between me and Eric Yoon (ESTV), for which I can’t thank him enough. All races of the 2021 season will be re-broadcasted on the ESTV network exactly 1 week after the live event took place. We are super excited about this new partnership and the chance to make CIS visible to a much bigger audience!”

Hugo Luis (Racespot): “Adrenaline, passion and dedication. These feelings are certainly aroused when a racing driver is onboard of the Dallara IR05 2009. And for the seventh year of our partnership, it will be a pleasure, as always, to bring the live broadcasts of the Classic Indycar Series so that viewers live this same incredible experience.

“Racing, in addition to talent, is about being able to position yourself well on the track, getting a good strategy and taking care of your car. Now imagine someone thinking about all that AND driving a beast over 150mph! That’s what the Classic Indycar Series is about and we are happy to be able to bring you all these emotions for the seventh consecutive year.”

Eric Yoon (ESTV): “ESTV is super excited to partner with Classic IndyCar Series to expand our current SIM Racing Series lineup. We welcome Classic IndyCar Series to our robust partnership which includes World Pro Racing, Lionheart IndyCar Series, Dark Horse IndyCar Series and GTR24H.

“In addition to showcasing Classic IndyCar Series on ESTV’s linear 24-7 esports channel, ESTV plans to launch a dedicated SIM Racing AVOD channel in second half of 2021. Viewers who missed action packed SIM Racing series on ESTV linear channel can be able to watch it on SIM Racing AVOD channel whenever and wherever at their own time.” Said Eric Yoon, founder and CEO of ESTV.”

Darren Buckner (SIMRACE247): “It is a privilege and honour to be in this partnership with the goal to add value and broaden the scope of services which few others in sim racing can offer. We hope not only to maximise exposure through our network for the Classic Indycar Series but also forge closer ties with Racespot.TV and ESTV to explore the opportunities this affords us to publicise and promote their activities on our website.”

Classic Indycar LIVE broadcasting schedule for Racespot TV:

  1. March 21 – 19:00 GMT
  2. April 11 – 18:00 GMT
  3. April 25 – 18:00 GMT
  4. May 9 – 18:00 GMT
  5. June 6 – 18:00 GMT
  6. June 27 – 18:00 GMT
  7. August 8 – 18:00 GMT
  8. August 22 – 18:00 GMT
  9. September 5 – 18:00 GMT
  10. September 19 – 18:00 GMT
  11. October 3 – 18:00 GMT
  12. October 31 – 18:00 GMT

Broadcasting schedule for ESTV:

  1. March 28 – 18:00 GMT
  2. April 18 – 18:00 GMT
  3. May 2 – 18:00 GMT
  4. May 16 – 18:00 GMT
  5. June 13 – 18:00 GMT
  6. July 4 – 18:00 GMT
  7. August 14 – 18:00 GMT
  8. August 29 – 18:00 GMT
  9. September 12 – 18:00 GMT
  10. September 26 – 18:00 GMT
  11. October 10 – 18:00 GMT
  12. November 7 – 18:00 GMT

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