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It is no surprise what is going on with Mike from simracing604. But this reveals the HARD FACTS AND EVIDENCE that raw files are duplicated by Sim Dream.

SHR modding has provided hard raw evidence that now can be seen with file duplication and proof of this scam going on. Many in the sim racing community are showing support but sadly we could not provide the raw DATA FILE that Sim Dream is copying content from other creators. This is the ONLY way to show it is really happening by hard raw evidence with actual content backing it up.

We have seen the support shown for Mike but like most things, evidence of Raw data file footage has not been that present.
This is the proof that holds weight in a case like this. Coming from SHR has been a bold and brave move that the community should applaud.
Mike has his evidence and sadly this was not presented to start with otherwise we feel it would not have gotten to where he now is with the strikes against his channel.

Full credit for this goes to SHR Modding whom has presented this video.
Support Mike  SimRacing604 can tell you that evidence like this is great to have to present something like this. It now has full weight to plead Mike is right.

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