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Women in sim racing Yvonne Van Den Berg

Weekly blog Wednesday 03-03-2021

Women in sim racing Yvonne Van Den Berg


Welcome everyone to my first weekly blog!
I’m really excited about the blog.
In my blog, I’m going to talk about sim racing, what I do for it and which races I have.

The last couple of days, I practised a lot.
Alethea Boucq (Theamusante) and I are in a team for The Sim Grid Sprint Cup.
GTWR Female Racing!
We have qualified ourselves for The Sprint Cup Split 5.
We worked for it extremely hard and we are happy that we are in!
Unfortunately, there were a lot of girls who did not make it in the Qualifying event, I feel bad for them, they drove incredibly good only 0.1 to short.

On Wednesday 03-03-2021 I drive the Diamond Drive Cup.
It is a race especially for female, cis/trans/enby ladies drivers. I drive individual, in a team, together with Sarah Johnson, we are Team Pizza Extra Extra Pineapple.
We are driving in the Bentley; I am excited for the first race in Oulton Park.

This Saturday 06-03-2021, I drive The Sim Grid Endurance Cup Split 3.
It is the last race of the season.
8 hours at Silverstone, with the Bentley.
We already practice a lot for it and are looking forward to the race.

You can follow me on social media, I made a Facebook page, so I can keep you updated, and I can share some pictures and results.
You can also join me on Discord, I think it is nice to talk to all of you and I will try to do that!


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