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Renault 3.5 series is fast approaching RF2

With the new rFactor 2 Renault 3.5 test race fast approaching on March 5th before the season opener round 1 at Estoril on March 12th.

Great things have been worked on and created by the crew at Advanced Simulation. & Advanced Simulation has created what can only be described as a built from the ground up series that really does pack a punch.

Many people have signed up for this great event, but we do not shut the doors once the room is full. We welcome more drivers to join us on this journey as we believe sim racing is a community. Some may want to check it out whilst others cannot wait to hit the track. We welcome all people, sim racing is one big family… is for everyone.


Get signed up for the 2021 SIMRACE247 Formula Renault 3.5 Series!

24-7 RFactor 2 Dedicated Server for the series (No password during practice/testing)

SERVER 01: SIMRACE247 FRenault 3.5

Your skill level will not be judged as we understand that people need to gain experience, as long as your actions are not deliberate then we understand. Skilled racers who wish to go wheel to wheel with others are also welcome. We already have a fine line up of racers to test you and keep you alert.

Be sure to check out this great event and series to be part of a growing group of racers and the community

The teams involved in the race series and drivers have had great support with their cars and liveries with some absolute stunners being created.

The creators also offer a design system that can tailor and create a livery for you




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