Assetto Corsa Rain Tires Mod Has Been Released


Assetto Corsa Rain Tires Mod Has Been Released

The newest Custom Shader Patch for Assetto Corsa is here, version 0.1.74 is out now. The latest release includes Rain tires Mod.

Here we see a great assetto corsa mod, rain tires are something that has spoken about for a long time. Well, here it is.

You can support the creator by visiting and joining his Patreon here: Ilja Jusupov aka x4fab is creating mods for Assetto Corsa racing simulator

Instructions on getting the tires to work as follows and more details visit: Credit  SimRacing604

  • In Content Manager, navigate to the settings section, Content Manager, Drive, and enable the section called Allow to use patch car’s data.
  • Set up a session and choose Sol’s rain as the weather via Content Manager
  • Also in Content Manager’s session setup screen, choose “Use extended physics” from under the car selection area
  • In your car setup you should have access to rain tires for at least the FA01, SF-15T and F138 cars –
  • Open the WeatherFX Debug app in game, and use the Rain Debug to choose the correct amount of rain.

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About Assetto Corsa

Modding & Customization
Assetto Corsa will allow for considerable customization and modification, in order to satisfy the expectations of professional simracers, gamers who prefer to approach the driving experience more progressively, and hobbyists who just like to reproduce and share their cars and tracks, taking advantage of the same editing tools developed and used by the developers of the game.

Gameplay & Features
Assetto Corsa includes a career mode, a list of special and unique events and challenges, as well as fully customizable, single player and multiplayer modes featuring quick races, custom championships, race weekends including free practice session, qualifying session and race. Drag races, drift challenges and much more! Four driving assist profiles (gamer, racer, pro, plus a fully-customizable profile) allow any kind of player to enjoy the simulation at their desired level.
Advanced setup options and telemetry for data analysis; dynamic simulation of the tyre rubber deposited on track, depending on the car laps; an adjustable time of the day mode, featuring sun position calculated in realtime, depending by geographical coordinates of the track and by the sun curve according to time and date, in order to get the same light conditions of the real tracks!

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