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Simagic Direct Drive M10 And Alpha Buyers Guide

The M10 (10nm stepper) and the Alpha (15nm servo) are two very good Direct Drive sim racing hardware products on the market. To find out all about these products we need a buyers guide, and we have just the man for it.

The M10 and the Alpha are two wheels that Laurence Dusoswa has owned and purchased with his own money. This gives a great purpose from a users point of view and he goes fourth to provide a buyers guide as to which is better. With all details mentioned in thorough details on each wheel Laurence gets to the point.

“Having owned both, I put together this guide and hopefully it will help you to decide which one to buy”! Laurence goes on to mention.

To find out more about purchases visit: Simagic M10 vs Alpha

  M10 GT1-R (Round rim) SIMAGIC M10 + GT1-R Set - Simtech Racing

Simagic Alpha


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