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Formula 1 vs Sim Racing a test that needs to be done

With F1 being the premium motorsport class on the planet Ermin Hamidovic needs to test something out in sim racing. How does the F1 2020 sim racing game stack up as a racing simulator.

F1 and sim racing for many is the ultimate. Many supporters of the Formula 1 world like to enjoy playing sim racing as there favourite teams or drivers. But how does the official Formula 1 game provide that transition from real world to the household gamer. F1 2020 should be that answer without any questions. We should just end it there right?

Sim racing is more than just a plug in a controller and be done with it, it is backed by many hardware companies that provide equipment and authenticity. Studios that like to give as many details in there racing titles as possible, not to forget the mod creators that take it to another level.

In this video Ermin put’s all of this to the test in F1 2020, Assetto Corsa & rFactor 2 driving the Ferrari F2004.  Codemasters you are under the spotlight. The communities are watching.

Credit given to ASR for the Ferrari 2004 mod for rFactor 2 and details are here.  Steam Workshop::Ferrari F2004 – 2004 v1.55 (

Two legends in one picture:

Michael Schumacher and the Ferrari f2004

Michael Schumacher - Scuderia Ferrari: FIA Formula 1 World Championship 2004 - Photo 1/9

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