GamerMuscle Top Tips


I’M NOT A DOCTOR !!!  in the words of GamerMuscle. Here he gives some useful tips to avoid damage to your knees. must start this video with a caution: A mans knee is being shown…those offended by that must switch the screen off now.

With that out of the way GamerMuscle gives some user ideas and tips to help those in the community who may suffer from/or feel tension with getting knee pain. As he mentions he is not a doctor and fully advises those to seek professional help if they feel any uncomfortable pain in your knees…..but this is an advice video through his own experiences. notes:

Like all aspects in sim racing and gaming itself, breaks would be advised as long periods of screen viewing, sitting and not taken care of yourself can have side affects. We wish the community to enjoy sim racing therefore our notes are a sign of respect to this vibrant community.