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Evolution of The BMW M3 GTR E46 in 20 Different Games

An icon in sim racing and racing games has just entered the room. The BMW M3 GTR E46.

Everyone at some point has been raced the BMW M3 GTR E46 car in sim/racing games. It is no doubt an icon in the motoring world and Cars in Video Games gives us a very exciting video and nostalgic compilation featuring the Evolution of BMW M3 GTR E46 in 20 Different Games.

The King of GT Racing:

Born in 2001, the E46 GTR was specifically designed to dominate the American Le Mans Series GT class. Unlike the E36, which used a tuned version of the existing straight-six engine, the E46 GTR went all-out with a heart-pounding 4.0-liter V8 engine generating a monstrous 450 horsepower!

Not Just Engine Power:

But the E46 GTR wasn’t just about brute force. It was an engineered track weapon. Extensive use of lightweight materials like carbon fibre shed pounds, while aggressive aerodynamics with a massive rear wing kept it glued to the tarmac. The suspension was fully adjustable, allowing for precise tuning for different tracks and conditions.

Homologation Hero:

Just like the E36, homologation rules required BMW to build a limited number of street-legal versions of the E46 GTR. These “street GTRs” were still incredibly potent, boasting around 380 horsepower and retaining much of the racing car’s aggressive looks. While they lacked the full V8 fury, they offered a taste of the track experience for lucky owners.

Legacy of a Champion:

The E46 GTR was a force to be reckoned with on the racetrack. It secured multiple championships and podium finishes, cementing its place in motorsport history. Even today, it remains a coveted collector’s item and a true icon of high-performance engineering.


Playstation 2, Nintendo ,PC, PSP, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 ,Xbox Series X and more we can sit back and fully enjoy the content from over the years.

Cars in video games goes on to mention “The BMW M3 GTR. All gamers loved this car with NFS Most Wanted. Most of us got to see it for the first time at ALMS races which took place in 2000 and 2001. Obviously, there was something special about this car since all of the rivalry rules were broken by this car at those races”.



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