Does qualifying improve the iRacing Experience

Dave cam is back with more informative videos. The question asked is “Does qualifying make for a better iRacing experience?”

Being no stranger to a challenge and getting to the bottom of any questions you may have ever wondered in sim racing. Dave Cam is here to settle the mind from ever wondering what if “qualifying in iRacing makes for a better experience?”. Does it help with improving iRating and much more.

Giving many stats to show his eventful testing we can discover if it is worth it. Is it worth the time to put in the extra work for the iRating.

Dave Cam always giving great tips and ideas:

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What is iRating:

iRating is a numerical value that uses iRacing’s algorithm to calculate the drivers performance. It is then used in matchmaking to achieve close matched racing with other racers of a similar iRating. Effectively it shows how your performance and skill rating is represented and how good iRacing thinks you are. Depending on events during a race it can fluctuate up or down with positive and negative circumstances.