What Is Drifting And How To Perfect It

Burkhart gives a follow up on his drifting genre videos with the art of drifting and how to perfect it.

Drifting is a superior art form that is used in many styles of racing, if it is intentional or through sheer driving skill there is no doubt it looks incredible. Burkhart gives us a introduction of it’s origin and how to pursue and perfect it in racing games and sim racing titles. Taking the Nissan G-TR 32 to the track in Assetto Corsa he unleashes 600+hp at Ebisu Minami (south layout) Japan.

With a step by step guide on how to improve lets jump into the video and enjoy.

If you want to download the track visit: Ebisu Minami (South Course) – Tracks – AC Drifting Pro

To download some drift cars visit: World Drift Tour

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