How to Drift tips in Assetto Corsa

Burkhart gives some 3 easy tips on how to drift in Assetto Corsa using the BMW M3 with 600+hp.

Drifting for some is an art form, yes it is screaming engines and loads of smoke pouring out… but it is art. Having a massive fanbase of drifting community’s in the sim racing genre is right up there with the racing fans.

Here Burkhart gives some tips on how to improve on mistakes and other useful ideas that will help you to get that large angle and maintain that skill.

Fun Drifting Facts:

As a sport, drifting takes its roots from Japan with one particular racer being credited for making the technique popular among the Japanese. His name is Kunimitsu Takahashi, a renowned Japanese motorcyclist that also became popular for his drifting techniques. During his time competing at the All Japan Touring Car Championship, Takahashi was noted for his impeccable skill at hitting the apex of the track at highs speed before drifting his way throughout the entire corner, maintaining his speed as he exited the corner. The move, bodacious in its appearance, not only helped Takahashi win multiple titles, but it also ushered in a legion of fans that paid extra attention to the overall spectacle – thanks in large part to the visual feast of watching tires smoke – of the technique.

Sideways And Smokey:


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Picture credit: YOSHIAKI MIURA