Sim racing is most often intense, heartpounding total-focus competition, but SOMETIMES it can just be a bit of fun with friends.

With that second idea in mind, the NARS chapter will be taking a break from their two championship series for what is becoming a regular habit of delivering some of the oddball, light-hearted and unexpected elements of the racing world to test skills and sense of humour of our drivers!

Last year, NARS raced delivery vans on a county fair figure eight with drivers masquerading as ninjas and also jumped the monster trucks at Vail!

In the first special event of 2021, NARS is going to ‘la belle province’ and the SH Karting Circuit (aka QuebecKart 2011), the starting point for many Canadian pro racers such as Jacques Villeneuve, Patrick Carpentier, Bertrand Godin, Andrew Ranger, Bruno Spengler and Lance Stroll.

And, the steely-eyed and determined drivers of NARS will be testing their worth against one of the most difficult and fractious vehicles known to mankind – the doughty Reliant Robin Mk 1.  Not your average racing steed, it will be a canny and skilled pilot that will keep themselves firmly on three wheels to master the winding circuit through the heats and final event.

The race will be held 4 Feb 21 with qualifying at 2100 ET and the first heat getting the green at 2130.  A practice server will be online throughout the week for drivers to learn and master the nuances of Robin in preparation for race night.

To learn more, visit Champion Motorsports and click on the Discord link to access all the race details at the THURSDAY – RF2 NARS channel.