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Simucube SC2 Pro Direct Drive Wheelbase Review

Laurence Dusoswa gives a fantastic review of the Simucube SC2 Pro Direct Drive Wheelbase. With a hefty price tag is it worth it?

Going into the video Laurence Dusoswa gives his own user opinion on the 25Nm Simucube SC2 Pro Direct Drive Wheelbase. What makes it great? Is it worth the money? and pro’s and con’s that could make or break a purchase.

Sim Racing equipment is a fluctuating industry where companies are making incredible and at times mediocre products that are reaching out to the community for purchase. It is almost becoming like football teams where people are loyal to there own team and nothing else matters.

However we should always look at other equipment on the market as some companies are being missed or not getting the credit they deserve.


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Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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