Group B Metro 6R4 Finland Dirt Rally 2.0

Mr Watton brings the Group B Metro 6R4 to Finland and back to its regular stomping ground in Dirt Rally 2.0.

Carrying on with our rally theme here at and Mr Watton is back in the Group B Metro 6R4 in Dirt Rally 2.0. Finland is where his ventures take him today with a rainy stage and low visibility the challenge is on.

Fun Facts:

Created for the short lived Group B rally category, the 4WD mid engine MG Metro 6R4 of 1984 (6-cylinder, Rear engine, 4-wheel-drive) was a world away from the best selling city car to which it bore only a superficial cosmetic resemblance. The competition car effectively only shared the name of the production Metro as it featured a mid-mounted engine with four wheel drive transmission enclosed within a semi-monocoque seam-welded tubular chassis. The development of this vehicle had been entrusted to Williams Grand Prix Engineering.

MG Metro 6R4 001.JPG