Automobilista 2 vs F1 2020 Who would have thought?


With a title like that requires the services of KenRacing to give us a review and opinion video. Automobilista 2 vs F1 2020.

Driving the McLaren MP4-12 KenRacing takes both titles to Spa Francorchamps and gives a head to head in Autotomobilista 2 and F1 2020. With F1 2020 being a dedicated F1 sim it will be very interesting to see how it competes.

As usual Ken goes into great detail with what is great, what is good and what is not.

Fun Facts on the McLaren MP4-12 :

Chassis carbon-fibre and honeycomb composite structure
Suspension (front) double wishbones, pushrod-operated inboard coil spring/damper
Suspension (rear) double wishbones, pushrod-operated inboard coil spring/damper
Engine Ilmor-built Mercedes-Benz FO110E (75°) and FO110F (72°) V10s
Transmission McLaren six-speed longitudinal semi-automatic sequential.
Power 740–760 hp (551.8–566.7 kW) @ 16,000 rpm[1]
Fuel Mobil 1
Tyres Goodyear
Competition history
Notable entrants West McLaren Mercedes
Notable drivers 9. Finland Mika Häkkinen
10. United Kingdom David Coulthard
Debut 1997 Australian Grand Prix
Constructors’ Championships 0
Drivers’ Championships 0