Best Sim Racing Title of 2021 ACC rFactor2 AMS 2

Now there is a title that should get some eyebrows raised, everyone has there favourite. Ermin Hamidovic puts the question to the test. Is it Automobilista 2? Is is Assetto Corsa Competizione? or is it rFactor2?

Going into a video and question like this comes with Ermin giving his own opinions onto what the best is. Having said that we all have our own opinions and favourite sim racing titles. Is it Automobilista 2? Is it Assetto Corsa Competizione ? or is it rFactor2 ? What is the best sim racing title in 2021?

Do you agree with him? or straight up deny his opinion?

Having covered many aspects in this great video it is well worth sticking around and watching.

Drop a comment below on your thoughts.

But why no iRacing i hear you ask?