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Sol 2.02 Assetto Corsa Cobra Nordschleife

Introducing Mikk Schleifer to and jumping straight into Sol 2.02 Assetto Corsa in a Cobra around the Nordschleife.

Some may know Mikk as the guy who created the reshade mod for Automobilista 2, but that does not mean he just sticks to that.

People who are creative like to test other creations and here he is doing a lap of the Nordschleife in Assetto Corsa driving a cobra with Sol 2.02.

To download Mikks reshade mod click here: Reshade.ini better colors AMS 2 | RaceDepartment

To download Sol 2.02 click here: Sol – Updates | RaceDepartment

About the Nordschleife

The first stone was laid on September 27, 1925, and for the next two years around 2,500 workmen labored to construct the circuit. The basic layout was set by Hans Weidenbrück, using the rolling hillsides and plateaus around the Schloß Nürburg to create a massive circuit that was a true test of both man and machine. Designed to be completely separate from the public road network, it nevertheless incorporated a certain amount of normal road character, increasing its relevance for automobile testing. In part, existing roads and trails were followed, particularly in the area from Hatzenbach to Adenauer Forst and much of the Südschleife, while other sections were totally new, particularly from Breidscheid to Hedwigshöhe.

The Nordschleife opened for racing action in June 1927, with the first race actually for motorbikes on June 18 and won by Tony Ulmen on a Velocette. The following day Rudolph Caracciola entered the record books as the first four wheeled winners, triumphing in a supercharged Mercedes S. The Grand Prix arrived on July 17, won in another Mercedes S by Otto Merz. Thereafter the ‘Ring established itself as one of the toughest Grands Prix on the racing calendar.



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