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Free Roam mod Forza Horizon for Assetto Corsa

Random Callsign gives an extension to his free roam mods for Assetto Corsa with Glen Shiel, a free roam Forza Horizon style mod.

Random Callsign, a prominent figure in the sim racing community, recently explored one of the most impressive free roam mods available for the game, located at Glen Shiel. This particular mod has garnered attention for its expansive and immersive open-world experience, reminiscent of the popular Forza Horizon series.

With a staggering 1000 kilometers of roads to explore, it provides an unparalleled level of freedom and exploration within the Assetto Corsa universe.

This mod’s comparison to Forza Horizon comes from its focus on not just racing, but also on the joy of driving and exploration. The diverse landscapes and crafted environments offer a visually stunning and engaging experience, inviting players to not only race but also to enjoy the scenery and discovery.

This approach to game modding enhances the original Assetto Corsa experience, providing a new dimension to the game that appeals to a broader range of driving enthusiasts.

It’s important to acknowledge and support the creators and contributors who have dedicated their time and skills to developing such an expansive mod. Their efforts have significantly enriched the Assetto Corsa community, offering a fresh and exciting way to enjoy the game.

To get the links for this fantastic mod visit: Glen Shiel

In conclusion, the Glen Shiel mod for Assetto Corsa stands out as a potentially transformative addition to the game. It challenges the conventional boundaries of racing simulations by offering a vast, free-roaming world that invites exploration and adventure, akin to the experiences found in games like Forza Horizon.

This mod not only enhances the gameplay but also pays homage to the creativity and passion of the Assetto Corsa modding community.


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