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Worlds Fastest Gamer vs Normal Guy

Scott Mansell aka Driver61 brings a fantastic video of Worlds fastest Gamer James Baldwin vs “a normal guy”

Driver61 has solidified his reputation within the sim racing community as a valuable source of insight, bridging the gap between real-world racing and virtual competition. In this engaging challenge, Scott Mansell, the mastermind behind Driver61, invites James Baldwin—dubbed the “World’s Fastest Gamer” and a distinguished driver for Jenson Button’s GT3 Team—to partake in a unique and thrilling showdown.

Enter Callum, a member of the Driver61 team who identifies as a casual console racer. He finds himself at the heart of this challenge, set against the stunning backdrop of the Spa circuit. However, there’s an intriguing twist to this face-off.

Callum has the privilege of utilizing the high-end £10,000 Driver61 sim setup, lauded by Scott for delivering a tactile experience surpassing that of some actual race cars. James, contrastingly, is tasked with navigating the track using a £200 setup, characterized by its wear and lack of precision.

This video invites viewers to embark on a captivating journey, witnessing how these two racers fare under such contrasting conditions. It promises not just a test of skill, but also an exploration of how equipment can influence performance in the enthralling world of sim racing.

From sim racer to GT3 driver James Baldwin

worlds fastest gamer

In 2019, his success in sim racing resulted in an invitation to Season 2 of World’s Fastest Gamer (WFG), a twelve-day intensive competition between sim racers from multiple platforms. Baldwin went on to win the event and was awarded a $1 million sponsorship for a full racing season. He was the first WFG graduate to receive backing for a real-world drive.

On 5 March 2020, Baldwin was announced as a driver for Jenson Team Rocket RJN, partnering team co-owner Chris Buncombe in a McLaren 720S GT3 in the GT World Challenge Europe Endurance Cup. Due to travel difficulties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, this was later amended to a full-season entry in the 2020 British GT Championship alongside Michael O’Brien.

Baldwin reached national headlines by winning on debut at Oulton Park. The pair went on to take three further podiums and three pole positions, finishing fourth in the overall championship and third in the Silver Cup.

Baldwin dominated the 2021 British GT Esports Championship, with three wins from five races.

On 29 April 2021, Baldwin was announced as a BRDC Rising Star.

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