Crash Damage Models In Sim Racing

On The Grid puts sim racing crash damage models to the test with what can only be explained as destructive, check it out.

Exploring the dynamics of vehicular damage across various sim racing titles, including ACC, AMS 2, RaceRoom, and others, On The Grid embarks on a thrilling experiment, pushing the limits of virtual race cars to assess their resilience and damage models.

This intriguing video delves into the aftermath of high-impact crashes,  analyzing how each simulated collision influences the vehicle’s performance and integrity. It’s a comprehensive examination that seeks to understand the realism and intricacies of damage modeling in different racing simulations.

Prepare for a roller coaster ride through the world of sim racing as we explore the fascinating interplay between virtual crashes and their consequences on digital race cars.

Safety in motorsport has always been a critical concern, given the high-speed nature and inherent risks of racing. Over the years, there has been a continuous effort from governing bodies, teams, and track officials to enhance safety measures and reduce the risk of injury. These entities work together to continuously improve safety in motorsport, learning from incidents, and adapting regulations and practices to mitigate risks and protect all involved parties.