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Mike from SimRacing604 has a vibrant community that can boast hearty entry fields in North American timezone based races, both scored Championships and one-off fun races on Assetto Corsa Competizione.

As part of our ongoing exposure of communities arising in the fast-growing multiplayer sim racing portal, here is info about a club that is worth checking out if it suite your needs.:


540+ members and growing with Wednesday (GT3) and Thursday (GT4) action using Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Rules & Culture

  1. Keep it casual. This is a game, and it’s supposed to be fun. We are NOT a “hardcore” league.
  2. Everyone is required to LISTEN to ACC Voice Chat (
  3. Folks are encouraged to share friendly banter between sessions, or the occasional “sorry” if there is an accidental incident (it happens!).
  4. Absolutely NO ONE is permitted to attack, berate, talk down to, or yell at other drivers.. If there is an issue, please PM one of the admins.
  5. No profanity.

Rules #4 and 5 will be strictly enforced.

All sessions

  1. If you want to let someone pass, DO NOT SLOW DOWN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. Either pull all the way off the track (with plenty to spare), or drive at your normal pace while simply not defending.
  2. If you need to warp to the pits, make sure to pull off the track completely.


  1. Do not pass someone when they are on a hot lap:
    * Blue dots on the race map indicate someone on an outlap or invalidated lap. OK TO PASS.
    * White dots on the race map indicate someone is on a HOT LAP. IT IS NOT OK TO PASS.
  2. It is your responsibility to “build a buffer” behind a car that you think you may otherwise overtake on your hot lap.
  3. If you are on a outlap or invalidated lap, MAKE WAY for those behind you that may be on their hotlap.
  4. If you’re leaving the pits and you see someone (via the map) coming through on the main straight, WAIT for them to pass. You will also typically see blue flags in this situation.


  1. Races will start with the game’s built-in UI. You will be ghosted until the green lights. Follow the UI’s indications and use this time to warm your tires and brakes.
  2. The BLUE FLAG RULES for our league are classic GT blue flag rules, which is to say that the SLOWER car is NOT required to slow down and let the FASTER car by. Instead, the SLOWER car is simply required to NOT DEFEND (no blocking/swerving) the FASTER car. Again, this only applies to the RACE (not qualifying, where the faster car is not permitted to pass a car on their hotlap at all).


We want to keep this league as casual as possible. However:

  1. If a championship is full… AND we have folks in #📋wait-list … …then we will remove folks that have missed at least 2 races, at our discretion.
  2. Note that this ONLY applies to championships that you have joined. Not the community, one-off races, etc.

For more information sign-up on here>>>

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