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Automobilista 2 vs ACC Suzuka which is best?

A head to head comparison video with Automobilista 2 vs ACC at Suzuka driving the BMW M6 GT3.

Returning with an insightful comparison video, KenRacing analyzes two renditions of the Suzuka circuit, contrasting Automobilista 2 with Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC). Ken sets the stage for a captivating “night to dawn race,” providing a stellar opportunity to evaluate the graphical prowess of both titles side by side.

Opting for the BMW M6 GT3, a vehicle featured in both games, ensures a level playing field for this comprehensive review. This thoughtful selection allows for a more accurate and fair comparison, focusing solely on the nuances of each version of the Suzuka circuit.

So, we’re left with the intriguing question: Which game offers the superior representation of the Suzuka track? Join KenRacing as he delves deep into the details, guiding us through a visual feast and helping to determine the ultimate version of this beloved racing circuit.

Suzuka Circuit:

Like all sim racing equipment, games and more, reviews are the thoughts and interpretations of the person doing the review. Whilst some may agree or be biased on the opinions, it is those of the reviewer. Therefore it is subjective.

Before making any purchases, always do your research and ensure it is ideal and best for your needs.


Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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