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This is part one of our ongoing project to find the pick of the communities on, highlighting some of the coolest leagues and clubs worth considering as this multi-sim platform gathers momentum.

Currently supports Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione as a platform to run and admin sim racing clubs, championships, series and one-off the events.

In our quest for great virtual online race action, on AC and ACC for now, this community stood out as top notch and prompted this journey of discovery. Note: Only Clubs seeking members will be presented.

RWB International

RWB stands for “Racers Without Borders” and was founded in 2007 by a bunch of mates who just loved racing. RWB International is a UK based club with our own dedicated server hardware but also using SGP.

We welcome all people from across the world to race with us.

RWB are not a drop in race type club even though we have many members, we like to get to know people we race with, try and engage 😉

Club Ethos

Drivers of all skill levels and experience are welcome and all we ask is that you’re a competent and fair driver and follow our driving standards.

We pride ourselves on being as inclusive to as many types of drivers as possible.

To become a full member (encouraged but not required) all you need to do is race with us a bit first for evaluation in voice chat, preferably in our short casual nightly races.

Once we have a sense for the type of driver and person you are and if you want it, you can become a member.

We are an over 16 club and to race with RWB in events you must be on Discord and Voice chat, you don’t have to speak but you will need to listen for race control, there is very little chat in races other than needed, voice chat before a race and after though does help to get to know your fellow racers.


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