Simracing604: Sim Racing Club for physically disabled


Mike from SimRacing604 gives an announcement about a Sim Racing Club for those with Physical Disabilities.

Everyone should be able to have enjoyment within the sim racing community and we here at are proud to back and publish such an event that Mike from Simracing604 is helping to promote.

To show support or to get involved visit :  Sim Racing Club for those with Physical Disabilities

He says in the video: “I’m extremely proud to share with you some time ago a friend of this channel
reached out and asked for advice on starting his own sim racing league and the intent of his league is to give those in the sim community with physical disabilities a chance to race in a league

“I’m happy to announce that the league is now open for registration. The league is entirely free and it’ll be based on Assetto Corsa Competizione.

More info in the video.