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Simagic M10 Chinese Direct drive review

Laurence Dusoswa is back with another finely detailed review, this time he talks about the Simagic M10 Chinese Direct drive and puts it through its paces.

We are delighted to once again feature Laurence on—a collaboration that we anticipate will continue to flourish. Laurence is renowned for his authenticity and meticulous attention to detail, characteristics that shine through in his comprehensive review of the Simagic M10 direct drive wheel from China.

Laurence leaves no stone unturned, providing an exhaustive evaluation that spans various aspects including price, setup process, build quality, and additional nuanced details that potential buyers would find invaluable. His independence in thought and expression ensures that viewers receive a balanced and thoroughly considered perspective, making his reviews a trusted resource in the sim racing community.

Join us as Laurence expertly navigates through the intricacies of the Simagic M10, offering insights and evaluations that are both informative and essential for anyone considering this particular piece of sim racing equipment.

Disclaimer from Laurence Dusoswa:

“I am simply a YouTube Sim Racer. The views expressed are mine, and I am by no means an expert on Direct Drive, the history of Simagic or the products of their competitors. I am not an employee of Simagic, and intend to review and compare similar competing products in the future, given the opportunity. However, for the purposes of this review, I am simply speaking from the position of a belt driven wheel owner who has never been able to justify the leap in costs to direct drive before. Full Disclosure: I received a discount (€300) off this Simagic Dynamic M10. But I also spent €500 of my own money, bringing it to a trade show. I wouldn’t have done that if i didn’t truly think very highly of this product”.

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