UNBOXING: Love at First Revs rFactor 2 BMW M1 Mod

First, they had a race at Watkins Glen (Lilski Version) using a car I had not driven available free on Steam: BMW M1 (1984 WEC & LM edition) converted from rFactor by the ODS crew headed by Arnaud.

I sampled the virtual car and immediately felt it was a gem to drive and get stuck into. The 800+ horsepower with right foot only traction control makes it one of the best virtual racing experiences I have had, provided of course you are into the retro stuff of the late seventies which these are from.

The virtual version of the M1 is very believable in the way it depicts the era’s gizmo-free, bare-bones racing machines. In this video, I give my impressions of the car in the RD rFactor 2 Club race.

And that was another reminder how fantastic the RD portal is for our community, apart from the huge platform for mods and downloads and vibrant discussion forums for all sims they also have a healthy Club racing section for all sims that offer online racing.

In this instance, the whole RD rFactor 2 debutant experience was superb, well-received, engaging drivers and best of all the full-time servers to practice/ test on which are peppered with drivers during the course of each day.

Apart from the superb organisation, and administration work behind-the-scenes there were very fast drivers as well as others like myself and some a little slower. In other words you always in a race!

Also in this video, I give my impressions of racing in the RD club league environment.

Note: To race in the RD Clubs you need to be a premium member which costs no money: $15 per year!
Buy your Premium membership here>>>

Links for the free mods:

  • RaceDepartment Premium Members rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues here>>>
  • BMW M1 (1984 WEC & LM edition) free on Steam here>>>
  • Watkins Glen free on Steam here>>>