Random Callsign: Nordschleife the best AMS 2 update yet


Random Callsign drives the Nurburgring Nordschleife on Automobilista 2, the latest pixel version of the legendary road circuit in Germany.

He tries the latest GT3 cars in varting conditions driving the virtual Green Hell.

This is what Reiza Studio said of their interpretation of a legendary venue:

The most challenging race track in the world arrives to Automobilista 2! The Nurburgring featuring both the modern GP layout as well as the infamous Nordschleife, both developed with the aid of laser scan data.

This pack currently includes the Nurburgring GP layout and the variant with the faster Veedol chicane as well as the Sprint layout. It also features the Nordschleife, or “North Loop” – the famous 20.8km “Green Hell” through the Eifel Forest.

The next game update will add layouts combining variants of the modern track with the Nordschleife. Next year we also plan to include a historical version of the track to this pack, with no additional charge to those that already own it.