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UNBOXING: AC Legends Ford Cologne Capri @Monza

AC Legends V.3.00 by Bazza & Crew is a gargantuan, two-decade-long journey to produce one of the finest retro racing sims I have had the pleasure of driving.

My preference were the tintops of the early seventies and this is my impression of the legendary Ford Cologne Capri RS3100 at the equally histories Monza circuit virtualised by Kunos.

After my first taste with the Porsche RSR at Silverstone here>>>

It was Monza without the chicanes in Autumn but, honestly, it was hard graft getting up to mid grid pace with AI at 100% and 75 aggression. They were impressive and very believable opponents – among the best on AC.

In this video, I give my impressions of a mod that is capable of keeping retro racing enthusiasts entertained for a very long time.

  • Track: Monza by Kunos
  • AC Legends V3.0 Mod here>>>

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Paul Velasco

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