HOTLAP HUNTING: Istanbul Park with Troy Dolinschek

South African karting champion Troy Dolinschek, a 2019 Rotax Max World Finalist, is also a keen sim racer and part of the SIMRACE247 Team – the 14-year-old is pretty handy both in real-life racing and shifting pixels fast.

With a respectable marker time of 1:24.585 set by Jimmy Broadbent as the carrot, young Troy was challenged to beat it. This is the video of the lap he set that pretty much destroyed Jimmy’s effort. Maybe he was on slippier virtual tarmac….

So here we have it: Troy’s hotlap driving the 2020 RSS Formula Hybrid mod by RaceSim Studio using Istanbul by ACU in Assetto Corsa.

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SIMRACE247 are running the virtual Istanbul Park track and (payware) 2020 RSS Formula Hybrid on our server in the AC online lobby search “simrace247” or click the image below to launch through content manager.