Austin Ogonoski: I don’t know sim racing anymore

Random Callsign interviews sim racing renegade Austin Ogonoski, former editor of the briefly legendary PretendRaceCars website but sold his soul to Slightly Mad Studios.

Ian Bell – boss of SMS – was a frequent victim of Austin’s scathing blog reports.

In a nutshell, smartly Bell found Austin’s week spot – real racing – sponsored his tin-top dirt racing dreams and PretendRaceCars is no more. Bell and Austin work together. Go figure!

Nevertheless, his out-of-the-box views which he backed up with his great skills as a sim racer, are missed and what he has to say, now that he has been ‘bought’ is a classic case of the messenger shooting himself (in the mouth) for a few shekels.

This is what Random Callsign says in the intro to the interview: “Austin Ogonoski is a controversial figure in sim racing. Over the years he has written scripts and posted videos of his opinions, that are most often than not controversial. He has reached out with a script where he states why he is disillusioned with the sim racing hobby.”